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Cane planter in india
Cane planter in india
Cane planter in india
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Leggy Cane Planter

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The Leggy cane planter is an ideal planter to introduce a natural rustic vibe to your living room. Strong enough to hold a large pot they are perfect for any large or hanging plant.

Assam valley lying amidst the hills of North East India is home to a variety of natural resources, cane; being among nature's bounty is a tall perennial palm with flexible and Woody stalks which has been used as a weaving material for different furniture by the indigenous people of Assam and NE India. In the grieving hours of global warming and deforestation, we can assure you that these cane has been procured sustainably without causing any disturbance to nature.

As a looming entrepreneur, it's always been our prime motive to vouchsafe a platform to the local artisans who are engaged in this profession generation after generation and weaving traditional yet catchy handicrafts which definitely deserves a shoutout. To give you the best all the artisans are chosen after roaming and surveying nook and corner of Assam and its part. Here we would like to share with you all that we deal directly with the craftsman without any intercessor or mediator ensuring they get what their hard work should be honored with.




Diameter: 10 inches Height (with legs): 13.5 inches Height (without legs): 6.5 inches


The planter can hold a pot of size up to 9 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height.

There might be slight differences in the size and shape of the planters as they are handcrafted.

Processing Time: 1 to 2 weeks from the date of order.

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