Aglaonema 'Ruby Pink' -

Aglaonema 'Ruby Pink'

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Plant size: 6 inch to 1 feet in height, Bushy with about 2-3 plants in a pot
Pot size: 4 inch nursery planter

These care free plants not only looks beautiful with their foliage but helps in purify your room according to a study done by NASA. They absorbs harmful chemicals from air and helps make it clean. Thay are perfect for any location from low light areas to bright locations.


Initial Care (After receiving the plant)
  • Leave the plant in its nursery pot for a few days, if the soil is looking dry and leaves are drooping, water the plant and keep in a shady location for a day.
  • In Summer Keep the soil mix a bit moist and check that water drains properly.
  • In winter reduce watering and wait for the soil to be drybefore watering again.

Potting Mix
  • A good potting mix consists of one part soil, two parts coco peat, one part perlite, and one part compost.

  • As a tropical plant that grows in the humid bright shade of tropical forests, this plant prefers similar conditions when grown as a houseplant.
  • It dislikes full sunlight, preferring bright, indirect sun, such as that offered by north-facing windows. It will also thrive under fluorescent lights.

  • Don't water your plant much, it will increase the rot in their root system.