Anthurium ‘Mini White’

Anthurium ‘Mini White’

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This heart-shaped tropical beauty is an extremely durable houseplant. Spill you a secret! (the flowers of Anthurium ain't flowers but waxy modified leaves flared from the base where the actual tiny flower blooms)

Size: 0.5 ft to 1 ft bushier alike in the photo.

Pot Size: Grown in 6 inches plastic Pot.


Water them regularly but also avoid overwatering as they are susceptible to "Root Rot"

Potting Mix

80% cocopeat + 10% Organic manure/Vermicompost + 5% charcoal chips + 5% perlite. Or 100% Cocochips is the best media for your Anthuriums.


They bloom best in bright but indirect light.

Initial Care (After receiving the plant)

  • Leave the plant in its nursery pot for a day or two, if the soil is looking dry and leaves are drooping, water the plant and keep in a shady location for a day.
Dispatch Details: Plants will be shipped with soil to rootball for safe shipping.

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Sangeetha Swaminathanwo
Great plant.

Excited to receive such a beautiful Anthurium.