Calathea Concinna Freddie (Multiple Shoot)
Calathea Concinna Freddie (Multiple Shoot)

Calathea Concinna Freddie (Multiple Shoot)

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Prayer plants are a popular plant among home gardeners, Freddie looks very beautiful with its darker colored stripes on the light green leaf, but they can be a little tougher to keep happy than your average houseplant. But with proper care and condition, they are sure to paint your space wonderfully.

Size: 7 inches to 9 inches Bushy plant with multiple shoots as per Production.

Pot Size: Grown in 4 inches plastic Pot.

The above specifications are indicative only. The actual size and color of the plant may vary.


Moist soil is what they want but be careful not to make it very soggy.

Potting Mix

40% Potting Soil + 25% cocopit + 25% Organic manure/Vermicompost + 5% charcoal chips + 5% perlite.


They thrive well in bright yet indirect light.

Initial Care (After receiving the plant)

  • Leave the plant in its nursery pot for a day or two, if the soil is looking dry and leaves are drooping, water the plant and keep in a shady location for a day.
Dispatch Details: Plant will be shipped in a 4inch pot or with soil to rootball if the size is large.

    Quick Tip: Mist your Calatheas with a spray bottle when the weather is dry. They love humidity

    Customer Reviews

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    Ermelinda Makkimane
    Good healthy plant received

    Good healthy plant received and it is thriving 20 days after delivery


    Cute little plant. Been growing like crazy ever since I received it