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Luxurious Tropical Trio

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Lupinum: 6-8 Inches
Fibraecataphyllum: 6-10 Inches
Cebu Blue: 4-8 Inches


Place your trio in spaces with medium to bright indirect light, ensuring they bask in nature's glow without direct sun exposure


Keep the Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum's soil slightly dry before watering thoroughly, preventing overhydration. For the versatile Cebu Blue Pothos, water when the top inch of soil is dry, allowing proper drainage to avoid waterlogging. Maintain the Philodendron Lupinum's soil consistently moist, with proper drainage, to support its velvety foliage.

Growing Media

These three remarkable plants each have their own preferences when it comes to growing media. To ensure their optimal growth and health, we recommend using a well-draining, nutrient-rich potting mix. A mixture of peat moss, perlite, and a dash of orchid bark or coconut coir can create the perfect blend. This mixture allows for proper aeration and moisture retention, giving your plants the foundation they need to flourish.

Treat your home to a tropical escape with this exclusive Luxurious Tropical Trio! With three rare and captivating plants – the Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum, the elegant Cebu Blue Pothos, and the exotic Philodendron Lupinum – you'll be adding a touch of wild elegance and velvety charm to any room. Perfect for plant pros and novices alike! 🌱

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Amit Sinha

Nice plants. Big enough. Came in good condition