Carbonized Rice Hull (CRH)

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Introducing Soiled's Carbonized Rice Hulls (CRH)! This premium soil amendment enhances soil structure, aeration, and nutrient retention for a more successful gardening experience. Made from rice grain shells, CRH is also environmentally friendly. Upgrade your gardening game with CRH today!


Materials Needed:

• Carbonized rice hulls (CRH)
• Garden soil
• Cocopeat (coconut coir)
• Perlite or vermiculite
• Optional: Slow-release fertilizer


• 1 part CRH
• 1 part garden soil
• 1 part cocopeat
• 1 part perlite or vermiculite


Prepare the Components: Ensure that your components are clean and free from any contaminants.

• Mixing: Combine the components in the specified proportions in a large container or wheelbarrow. Mix thoroughly to ensure even distribution.

• Optional: Add Fertilizer: If desired, mix in a slow-release fertilizer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

• Moisten the Mix: Before using the mix, moisten it with water until it is evenly damp but not soggy.

• Potting: Use the mix to pot your indoor plants, ensuring that the roots are well-covered and the plant is stable in its new container.

• Watering: After potting, water your plants thoroughly to help settle the mix and hydrate the roots.

• Maintenance: Monitor your plants regularly and water them as needed, ensuring that the mix remains moist but not waterlogged.

This mix provides good aeration, moisture retention, and nutrient availability for indoor plants, promoting healthy growth. Adjust the proportions based on the specific needs of your plants and the growing conditions in your home.


• Soil Amendment: Carbonized rice hulls (CRH) improve soil structure, aeration, and water retention, making them ideal for use in gardening and agriculture.

• Nutrient Retention: CRH can absorb and retain nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, releasing them slowly over time to plants.

• pH Balancing: They help in balancing soil pH, making it more suitable for a wide range of plants.

• Longevity: CRH can persist in the soil for a longer time compared to other organic amendments, providing long-lasting benefits to the soil.

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