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Hoya Bella

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Growing Media

Hoya Bella is an extremely easy-to-care plant for indoor gardens, given that you never let it dry out. Choose a light-weight, fast-draining potting mix for this plant. And keep the potting soil lightly moist in warm months and drier in winter.

Size: Large: 1.5-2+ feet with multiple stems

Pot Size: Grown in moss attached to fern bark or wood.

The above specifications are indicative only. The actual size and color of the plant may vary slightly.


Only after the medium dries completely, it the weather is very dry and hot, water them daily.

Potting Mix

Hoya plants need loose, quickly-draining soil to thrive. The best type of medium for this species of Hoya to grow is orchid pot soil, sphagnum moss, coconut husk, or cactus mix. You can also create a potting mix for Hoya linearis by combining potting soil, perlite, and orchid bark.


Indoor in medium to high indirect light with Good natural Air Circulation / Ventilation.

Initial Care (After receiving the plant)

  • Leave the plant in the moss attached and water the media if it seems dry, you can also propagate the plant by taking cuttings from it.
Dispatch Details: Plants will be shipped in their growing media.

Quick Care Guide:

  • Scorched/ shrivelled leaves : Your plant is getting too much sun and not enough humidity; move to somewhere more shaded and humid (a bright bathroom would be great!).
  • Limp or wilting leaves: This is a sign of a watering issue and could be a result of either root rot or prolonged under watering. Inspect the roots of your Hoya to determine the cause.
  • Sudden leaf drop: can signal shock from cold temperatures… be aware of hanging in cold windowsills and draughts in winter! Hoya’s can’t handle temperatures below 10°C, so ensure your plant is placed somewhere warmer with enough humidity.
  • Shrivelled up foliage: The plant isn’t getting enough water or humidity (or both); gradually increase both. This particular Hoya requires more humidity than some others.
  • Very long ‘stretched’ stems/internodes: This is called etiolation and means that your plant isn’t getting the correct amount of light; stems will be especially ‘stretched’ and leaves smaller in size.
  • No flowers: The main reason is that your Hoya isn’t getting enough light. Another consideration is that some Hoyas often flower as a sign of stress; so keeping things slightly root bound could encourage those lovely ‘porcelain flowers’ to make an appearance! 
  • Pests: Incorrect care and lack of humidity are the main reasons pests may appear, and the Hoya bella can be susceptible to mealy bugs or aphids in particularly dry conditions. Be sure to closely check the fuzzy leaves and if pests are present, the plant can be treated with insecticidal soap. Repeat weekly and keep the plant in isolation until completely pest-free.
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