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Philodendron Splendid

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6-10 Inches


Provide bright, indirect light for your Philodendron Splendid to thrive. Shield it from direct sunlight, as this can scorch its delicate leaves. Position the plant in a location with ample ambient light to maintain its vibrant foliage.


Maintain moderate watering practices for optimal growth. Allow the top layer of soil to dry out before watering again, typically around the top inch. Ensure consistency in moisture levels while avoiding overwatering, as excessive moisture can lead to root rot. Adjust watering frequency based on environmental factors and the plant's individual

Growing Media

The Philodendron Splendid flourishes in a well-draining growing medium. Opt for a blend that includes peat, perlite, and pine bark to ensure adequate aeration and moisture retention. Avoid waterlogged conditions by using pots with proper drainage.

Indulge in the allure of the Philodendron Splendid, a captivating hybrid born from the union of verrucosum and melanochrysum. Its grandeur lies in the magnificent, velvety leaves adorned with bold veins—an exquisite blend of textures inherited from its parentage. This absolute stunner boasts rapid growth, a boon considering its rarity; often available as small plants or node cuttings. Embrace the allure of this fast-growing beauty and bring home a piece of botanical elegance with Soiled's Philodendron Splendid

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