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Staghorn Fern (Large)

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Growing Media

Well, they seem so fancy and delicate but believe us that they are equally easy to care for and hardy than most ferns out there. They do well in medium to bright light, but with weekly watering and mainly soaking. Yeah, they do like a good bath.
  • Weekly, when the potting mix is half dry to dry, about 2" down the pot. When planted on the amount, keep it moist evenly when it seems dry. "They love misting"
Potting Mix
  • Well draining potting mix with compost, leaf mold, cocopeat and a little bit of perlite if available to increase the aeration. 
  • If mounting on a mount, you can use moss only.
  • Wheyou think of ferns, most of them prefer the shady, lush forest floors. You might then think that your stag will appreciate a dark space, but NO Staghorn ferns, on the other hand, are native to the tropics.
  • Staghorn ferns need bright, indirect or diffused light to thrive, though they must be protected from the harsh rays of the direct sun.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sameer Khole

Received a good healthy plant

Devika Narain
Love it!

Recieved a beautiful healthy plant that's gorgeous. I'm quite amazed that's its actually a largish plant, more than a foot.

Shalini K B

I received plant in a good condition and I am happy
But after ordering the didn't get proper response regarding my order

Size not worth the price

Would not call it 'large' as labelled. Size disappointing for this price.

Clint Chambers
Excellent Quality

Very pleased with the size and packing of the plabt