#GetSoiled with Naaz

#GetSoiled with Naaz

In this edition of plant parent interview - we have homemaker, Bushra Naaz

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Tell us a bit about yourself, who is the person behind @naaz_plants

Hello, I am Bushra Naaz. I am a homemaker, Mum of four girls, and many plants. I got back into gardening two years ago when we moved into our new home. Before i use to grow roses and other flowering plants but was never successful in keeping them alive.
I’ve lived with plants my entire life. My grandma had plants in her aangan and my mum still has plants in her balcony which moved with us in all our homes. But not very long ago i had this thought about myself, how I remember the plants at my grandma’s home. The plants and trees at my school and the trees i saw on my way to school. I stare at plants and trees whenever I go out. So the idea of living with plants indoors was amazing.

Do you have a full-time job, if yes, how do you manage both, gardening and office schedule? 

Homemaking is my full-time job, I schedule plant care now because of indoor and outdoor plants. I take care of outdoor plants on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Indoor plants on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I fertilize whenever required, check for pests while watering, and take action in the evenings. I can do potting repotting de-weeding for hours and not complain coz i love it. My hands do get very dirty and nails get stained but I don’t mind.

Are you a plant collector or hobbyist, do you love collecting exotic plants or locally available species?

In the beginning, it was about creating a calm outdoor space, I’ve always wanted a garden but we live on the third floor so we left this open space to create one,  Yes i am a plant collector, love the different colors textures and shapes of the leaves as they amaze me. I was on a hunt for monstera for a very long time, now it's so available. So if anyone is looking for an exotic plant you have to wait, they will be available soon. Most of my plants are from local nurseries, but my rare plants are online purchases.

Is plant addiction real for you? do your peers supports it?

Yes, i am addicted to plants, i love the calm feeling they bring every morning when i spend time with them. This time with a cup of chai is my favorite time of the day.

I and my husband are opposites when it comes to plants. There are two types of people one are plant lovers and others have nothing to do with plants, he is that. Yet he supported me in creating this space, where every plant has been potted with our own hands, we mixed 20- 25 bags of soil for our bigger plants. He waters them whenever i stay at my mum’s place, i am very thankful and grateful for him.

Which plants do best in your city and your location?

Most plants do well in Hyderabad, but I get worried about my plants when summer arrives, as the leaves start to burn because of direct sunlight and high temperature.

In an apocalyptic scenario where you have to save only one plant, which one will it be?

I will have to select two one is my mom's plant which she had since I was very small. The pot is a ceramic pot brought by my father and mum planted a euphorbia in it, its been with us ever since i was little and i asked my mom to give it to me when i moved into my home, i think its almost my age. The other will be my huge monster deliciosa, i just love the shape of its leaves.

Any successful plant care tip that you have discovered yourself?

If you are watering plants regularly and giving them adequate sunlight and fertilizing them, then the only reason a plant not growing properly are pests, check closely for pests on the plant, soil of the plant, and take action.

Do you make your own potting media, if yes can you share about it?

If i get a plant in a pot I don’t repot it, but most of the time we get plants in plastic bags so while repotting i think its a great opportunity to change the soil and add some nutrients to the soil mix.

I use regular soil add compost and cocopeat. For succulents and semi succulents, I mix a well draining soil by adding sand or perlite.

What're your future plans for your beautiful indoor jungle?

I want to grow fruits, vegetables, and start composting.

Tell us a bit about your experience sharing your hobby with social media? Also about your paintings.

This was my personal account but I turned it to plants account, i have connected with many plant parents and they are the best, positive people. I even started painting inspired by plants, which is the best thing that happened to me, now i don’t feel good if I don’t paint daily. I usually squeeze in time every day to paint a little before going to bed. My artworks can be found at @naazs_art

Any favorite plant bloggers/Instagrammer/page that you follow for inspiration?

I am so grateful to connect with many plant parents through Instagram. I initially got inspired by @meeschmid_plantlady and @planterina i didn’t know many desi plant parents back then. I mostly like these ladies as the person they are @gardenup.in @geeksofgreen @botanicalwoman_  they are all YouTubers and plant parents.

And i met plant parents of my city through Hyderabad plant swap it was amazing meeting @amateurplantlady and many more lovely ladies @gopalgaya @kajal8212 I can seriously go on with names of plant parents i love.

Follow Naaz and her beautiful garden on her Instagram (@naaz_plants)


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