Monstera sp 'Peru' -
Monstera sp 'Peru' -
Monstera sp 'Peru' -
Monstera sp 'Peru' -
Monstera sp 'Peru' -

Monstera sp 'Peru'

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This rare but fast-growing Monstera is very rewarding with it's textured dark green leaves.

Size: 0.5 ft to 1.5 ft vines with 3 to 5 shoots as per production.

Pot Size: Grown in 7 hanging inches plastic Pot.

The above specifications are indicative only. The actual size and color of the plant may vary.


Only after Soil dries completely (don't keep the soil wet for a long time).

Potting Mix

30% Potting Soil + 45% cocopit + 15% Organic manure/Vermicompost + 5% charcoal chips + 5% perlite.


Indoor in medium to high indirect light with Good natural Air Circulation / Ventilation.

Initial Care (After receiving the plant)

  • Leave the plant in its nursery pot for a day. if the soil is looking dry and leaves are drooping, water the plant and keep in a shady location for a day.
  • If the plant received with rootball, repot the received plant in 5 to 7-inch pot with good soil media.
Dispatch Details: Plants will be shipped with soil to root ball.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Received healthy plant, absolutely gorgeous!

Suparna Mukherjee
Loved the plant !!!!

The plant came in a very good condition.. not a single damage. I m so happy !! I wish Soiled has more & more rare plants in their list for all us plant addicts to keep ordering.

Beautiful plant

Received a very beautiful plant without a single damage. Packaging was perfect. Looking forward to buying more.

Sao Tunyi
A happy customer

I ordered one and got more clumps which I could separate and repot. Very good deal

Sangeetha Swaminathanw
Ficus Red /ruby variegated Plant ,recd just as Seen in the pic.!

Excellent healthy plant.
Largish size,slightly dehydrated,because although packaging was great there were no vents for air exchange.,and there was no air circulation,Please look into this for future dear people at
Few leaves also had dried up and wilted as soon as I opened it.,and fell,off.:((
Still,5 star rating because ,it’s travelled a long way ,and is otherwise in good shape.
Worth the price and the trouble.