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Variegated Strings of Pearl (Senecio Rowleyanus)

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Growing Media

The strings of Pearl are beautiful cascading succulent which doesn't only looks great but is easy to care for. This variegated one is a rarer cultivar of the common strings of pearl plant.

Size: 3 inch in height and 4-5 inch approx and bushy with multiple strings.

Pot Size: Grown in 3.5 inch planter

The above specifications are indicative only. The actual size and color of the plant may vary.


String of Pearls are very sensitive to overwatering, so make sure that you give them just enough water. The recommended amount is once every two weeks. One tip to make sure you don't overwater your plant is to check if the soil is half an inch (1.2cm) dry before the next water. During wintertime, cut back watering to once per month. 

Potting Mix

String of pearls are pretty easy to take care of so you can literally start with any kind of succulent potting soil, but sandy soil is preferable. You can follow this mix with 3 parts of good potting soil and 1 part sharp sand.


String of Pearls plant like bright indirect light, if they’re outdoor they like shaded area with some morning direct light or bright indirect light, if they’re indoor they like to be near the window with strong natural light.

Initial Care (After receiving the plant)

  • Leave the plant in its nursery pot for a day. if the soil is looking dry and strings are shrinking, water the plant and keep it in a shady location for a day.
Dispatch Details: Plants will be shipped with its nursery pot.
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