Terracotta Pots can help save your plants. terracotta pots are perfect pots for plants. pros and cons of terracotta pots

Terracotta Pots Can Save Your Plants

Terracotta pots are best for indoor plants

Do you love spending your time amidst plants & flowers in your beloved garden??

One such aspect of keeping your plants healthy for a long period of time is the classic terracotta. Its sheer earthiness makes terracotta the natural choice to anchor any plant.

Terracotta pots give the gardener the ability to more accurately manage soil moisture. We have found when growing in terracotta pots, overall plant health is better, especially for plants with sensitive root systems.

Moreover, pairing plants with the right pot will enhance their health & make them a hard-working accent in your décor. Many thoroughly modern gardeners still crave the natural look & feel of terracotta.

Let's see the pros and cons of using them for your beloved plants.


  • Aeration: They are very porous and it allows good airflow which helps in the prevention of root rot and fungus growth. They absorb and lose moisture through their walls. It also allows oxygen to enter the soil, yes plant roots require oxygen to function 
  • Succulents: They are great for succulents and cactuses or any plant which needs less water. They are good because they dry faster contrasting to plastic pots.
  • Insulation: clay naturally slows down heat transfer between the soil and the external environment, thereby avoiding sudden extremes of temperature.
  • Beauty: They form beautiful unique patina with age which gives them a rustic, cottage look. Some people may not prefer it or it may look dirty but it helps build good bacteria around the pot which helps the plant in return.
  • Inexpensive: They are easily available everywhere and are quite inexpensive compared to ceramic or ornate pots, but are expensive than plastic pots. 

Terracotta pots are best for indoor plants


  • Weight: Terracotta pots can be heavy as they are made out of clay but they are not heavy like concrete pots.
  • Brittleness: They can be hard and heavy but they are brittle as well, you can't expect them to be safe in a location with too much movement.
  • Dryness: They tend to get dried up pretty easily, which is good for most plants but that also involves constant watering for your plants.

All about Glazed Terracotta:

Yes, there is a colored version of terracotta as well, Glazed terracotta pots are primarily bought for their look and color. They tend to hold up more moisture due to their glazed exterior. They are also stronger than the regular terracotta pot as they are baked on much higher temperatures. But they are heavier than their regular relative which make them more brittle.


Pro tip: Before planting a plant in your new terracotta pot, do soak the pot in water for about 30 minutes. It makes the pot strong and it doesn't suck up the moisture from the soil.


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