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Dwarf Kamini Bonsai Plant (Murraya Paniculata)

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3-5 Inches


The Dwarf Kamini Bonsai (Murraya Paniculata) thrives in bright, indirect light. Place your bonsai near a window where it can receive filtered sunlight throughout the day. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves. If you're keeping your bonsai indoors, ensure it receives at least 4-6 hours of indirect light each day. Providing the right amount of light will support healthy growth and the development of vibrant foliage.


Watering your Dwarf Kamini Bonsai requires a delicate balance. It's important to keep the soil moist but not overly saturated. Check the moisture level of the soil by inserting your finger about an inch deep. If the soil feels slightly dry, it's time to water your bonsai.

Growing Media

Choosing the appropriate soil for your Dwarf Kamini Bonsai is crucial for its overall health and well-being. Use a well-draining bonsai soil mixture to ensure proper water drainage and oxygen flow to the roots. A recommended soil mixture includes a blend of akadama, pumice, and lava rock. This combination provides the necessary nutrients while preventing waterlogged soil, which can lead to root rot.

Bring enchantment to your home with the captivating Dwarf Kamini Bonsai Plant! This show-stopping miniature tree is the perfect size for any indoor or outdoor space and its glossy, dark green leaves and fragrant white flowers will be sure to bring a touch of charm and delight. Say hello to your new unlikely hero: the Murraya Paniculata!

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